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"Other proposals being looked at would significantly damage Massachusetts' small-business distributors by taking 20 percent of a distributor's annual sales away, devastating these businesses. Legislators who support the Emerging Breweries Bill, H.2823 support jobs, not wiping out well-paid, full-time, family-sustaining middle-class jobs."

Carrie Nash
Beer distributors and Emerging Breweries Bill Featured in State House News

As a result of a very successful advocacy effort by the Beer Distributors of Massachusetts in which 80 members of our association ascended Beacon Hill to educate legislators about the strengths of H.2823, the State House News Service, a news wire service solely reporting on Massachusetts State House activities wrote extensively on the emerging breweries bill.  The Worcestor Business Journal reprinted the article in its entirety. 

Carrie Nash
Beer distributors file bill, An Act to promote economic development and market access for emerging businesses

"This proposal is an equitable solution for emerging breweries," William Kelley, president of the organization, said in a statement. "It provides unprecedented opportunity for breweries to develop and grow their businesses, while protecting the independent local distributors and the jobs they create from the economic leverage of larger multinational corporations."

Carrie Nash
MA Beer Distributors Employee Spotlight: Mario Edmonds

For over 17 years, Mario Edmonds has worked at Merrimack Valley Distributing in Danvers, Massachusetts.  As a forklift/ truck driver, Mario is on the front lines of the distributing process making sure cases and cases of beer get to where they need to be to ensure consumers have a diverse selection of beer at their local retailer.  

Carrie Nash
Rep. Mahoney Files Emerging Breweries Bill

"We are in the midst of a golden age for beer, and it is imperative that we don't take our foot off the gas. This is why I proudly filed "An Act to Promote Economic Development and Market Access for Emerging Businesses," to continue the great success of our brewing industry."

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Report: For Small and Large Breweries, the U.S. Market Is Open

The ability of small brewers to gain access to the marketplace through independent distributors is a major reason that small brewers are able to exist at all.  Without independent distributors, most small brewers would have to cope with far less access to the market and consumers, and far lower growth rates.

Carrie Nash
The History of Beer Distributing

Want to learn more about beer distributing in America?  Watch this video from NBWA on  the history of America's state-based regulatory system, the three-tier system and the regulatory, economic and commercial value of independent beer distributors in promoting public safety and access to market for all brewers of all sizes.

Carrie Nash